Add Option to Lock Resolved Tickets to Prevent Additional Charges to Those Tickets

Add an option in the Admin → Tickets → Preferences section of Syncro to automatically “Lock” a resolved ticket to prevent new charges from being added to that ticket. Ideally, this would have a box where we could specify a status or set of ticket statues for which this applies.

A fully resolved ticket should not be able to have additional charges added to it. In addition, for those of us that bill our customers by the ticket, this will prevent the same ticket from being billed across multiple invoices (Assuming we don’t bill for pending charges on a ticket until after the ticket is resolved).

Agreed x3. We’ve been patiently waiting for this for years. Should also have the same functionality for estimates and invoices. Many requests for “finalize” or “locking” of pages. We have no way to administratively ensure billable items can’t be modified in arrears, without reviewing audit logs manually. Huge security limitation!

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Linked to someone else’s feedback request. Here is the more fitting one (from 2016, sad):

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