Add New Contact from Ticket form / Link for Existing Contact to Contact Record

This is two-part for contacts.

When filling in a ticket and trying to select the Contact, if they do not exist there should be a simple option to create one. Say a drop-down for “New Contact” under the contact selector that opens a new tab/page for that customer with the blank contact form. When saved the ticket field should ideally refresh so you can select that new contact or select if for you would be even better.

Secondly, any contact on a ticket should be clickable to take you to their form so you can see and/or update the information you cannot see on the ticket.

I came here to post this too. Was adding a ticket today and the contact didn’t exist. Really slowed down the ticket creation to have to go somewhere else to create the contact

Agreed, poor flow options here. Several places don’t pull fresh data and require the page to be fully refreshed which is annoying.

has this now been added? Spotted this when creating a ticket this morning