Add 'name' field to support portal

Is there a way to add a required ‘Name’ field in the default support portal?

Right now, people get to create tickets, and it attaches the asset of the machine to the ticket, but often we don’t know WHO created that ticket. Making them put their name would make life much easier.

Also, if there were a way to attach files there as well, so they could include screen shots when submitting tickets, that would be even better!


I don’t think there is specifically a way to add that to the standard “Customer Portal” link. I’ve been searching for a way to add default text to the “Submit a ticket” box to accomplish the same thing.

The only other options I’ve found so far is to use either the “Send Email” option (which opens Outlook and has the user send and email, instead of using the portal; or “Agent Contact Form” - which will require the user to enter their email address when submitting. I’m not sure either is a perfect solution, but it may serve you better than the Customer Portal for the scenario you described.