Add History to Search bar

Something that would greatly expand the search function is if we were able to see the history of items searched by clicking on the search field.

If we had this, clicking inside the search field would automatically drop down the last x amount of words used in the search field.

I think a good number of techs will search for an item, like a server or contact name, then routinely go back to that asset or contact, especially because of how we work with gathering data, communicating with customers, etc. We often need to get to the items we search for more than just one time. This would allow a seamless 1 click back to the item we will want to see.

This also would help techs remember what it is they worked on or went to view, as they could just click in the search field and see their last x amount of searches.

We had this capability with our previous PSA and it saved us a boat load of time. The last 15 or 20 items searched would be a good amount.