Add Billing Month to Invoice

a request that comes up from my customers is “what month is this invoice for?”
this creates some confusion. i have been manually adding the “service month” to the invoice.

Since Syncro is smart enough to:
-bill on the last day of the month
-bill in advance

Can Syncro be smart enough to know this this invoice is for “October”, and not for “September”?
then it could indicate somewhere on the invoice that this is for “October”
Since most of us MSPs bill for a monthly service either in advance or in arrears, I think this would be a nice touch.

An easier fix would be to at least include “This invoice is billed in advance”


We had this in Connectwise, would love to have it in Syncro!

I learned from Isaac Good on Facebook, you can add {{billing_period_range}} to your product description on your recurring invoice. Not perfect but it does the trick for now.

Agreed! This is something that would be beneficial.