Add "Applications and Services" to Windows Event Log m

Please to consider adding the ability to create custom event alerts for “Application and Service Logs” category.

It is important because when backing up Hyper-V with Windows Server Backup, this highly critical event is not raised in SyncroMSP.

Event Viewer (Local)/Application and Services Logs/Microsoft/Backup/Operational.
Event ID 7 – The backup operation that started at 2022-01012 has completed with errors. Please review the event details for a solution.

In this case one of our Hyper-V guest servers is not backing up.
I recon it would need to show up here first to be accessible….

Additionally, no other folders can be viewed or selected under the Application and Services tree.
DFSR is one of the events important to monitor, and we cannot do it because the logs are not accessible.

application and services logs 1

The logs cannot be accessed with background tools either

Have spent many hours trying to create event log alerts under these folders and it cannot be done.
It is necessary to have access in order to create alerts that only occur in this area.


Would love this feature