Add a "View Assignments" button to the Policies page

Add an “Assignments” or “View Assignments” button to every policy listed on the Policies page. When clicked, display a list of policy folders that the policy is assigned to. For example:
Customer37\North Office
Customer42\Wrkstns\Main office\laptops

In order to do policy cleanup, or change our policy layering strategy, we need to delete multiple policies. To safely delete a policy, we must know where (or if) it’s assigned. If we click Remove on a policy that’s currently assigned, we’ll get a warning telling us the number of places it’s assigned. It’s up to me to go through every policy folder in our 50+ customers to discover where it’s assigned.

Side Note: Using the Remove button to see how many places a policy is assigned is a risky endeavor. If the policy has no assignments, it will be deleted immediately with no warning or verification popup.

This is an absolute requirement in order to manage Policy Inheritance with more than 5 customers. The current workaround has 3 big problems:

  • First, it shows you the entire history of where a policy’s been assigned. If you remove the policy from a folder, it will still show up in the Asset Activity Audit report. This makes the workaround useless for policy cleanup.
  • Second, the Asset Activity Audit shows you what assets a policy is assigned to, not which Policy Folder it’s assigned to. So you have to hunt down the asset, and look at it’s folder tree to find where the policy is assigned. Good luck doing that if you have a policy assigned to 100s of assets.
  • Third, it’s not user friendly. You must be very deliberate about the syntax used when searching for a policy name. If you don’t prefix the name with to " then the results will include policy removals too. Also, you must leave off the last double quote if the policy has a space in the name, because this will cause no results to be returned.

I was about to write this up, this is 100% needed, and a real miss. It is near impossible to find where a policy is in use. Also it takes a number of clicks to find out what policies make up the effective policy on an asset.

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UPDATE 12/27/2021
One minor update to the Feature Description… Policies can still be assigned directly to assets within the customer’s Assets and Policies tab. I just realized this means individual assets could also be listed in the results of a View Assignments button. An updated example would look something like this:

  • Customer01\Workstations\laptops
  • Customer37\North Office
  • Customer37\South Office\LAPTOP-TLR8HXL2
  • Customer42\Wrkstns\Main office\laptops
  • Customer63\Wrkstns\DESKTOP-4YGM3B4

Side Notes
I also checked the Syncro API, but I don’t see a way to list Policy assignments there either. It doesn’t look like the API supports any policy oriented functions.

If resource utilization is a concern, consider creating a new type of Report or API query that lists all the assignments for a given policy (across all customers).

Whether it’s using a button, report, or API request, getting this information out of Syncro is going to make policy cleanup a reality. Thanks to the Syncro Team for all their hard work getting Policy Inheritance deployed! It’s becoming a real game changer!


I like where your head is at jbauer, it made me think another possible solution, and it utilizes already built code within the Syncro system so that could make things even easier to develop: Add Assigned Policy filter to Saved Asset Search