Ad-Hoc Agent Download with mobile app

Hi Syncro, I’d like to be able to download an agent directly to a customers computer, without either having to log into my own account on their machine, or email the URL from my own laptop.

Ideally, I would do it this way;

  1. On a customers computer, I go to my tenancy URL -
  2. On the login page, click something that says “Download Agent” which would take me to a page with a QR code on it.
  3. Open the Syncro mobile app on my phone, and scan that QR code.
  4. The mobile app would then ask me to select which customer to assign that agent to.
  5. The customers computer would then start downloading the correct agent.

You can do this today with public links that are displayed when you create an agent installer. It works differently than how you describe, but this is because installers are linked to both the customer, and specific policy folders.

Does that mean I’d need to maintain a list of agent links somewhere?

You’d need to have your public link(s) available, yes. Normally you’d have the applicable one ready when you’re on site.

Or are you talking for more of a break/fix scenario?

To solve for this, we have a customer called “to be organized” and we downloaded an agent installer for that customer. We uploaded that to our website and pointed an A record to that file.

Therefore, any client or tech can visit (not the true subdomain) and the agent downloads. We then move the asset to the proper customer.

This works too for adhoc deploys in the field ^.

Thanks for that Brian, I’ll give it a shot.