Acronis Deployment Script - 404 not found error on the download

It appears the version is hardcoded in the download link of the Acronis Deployment Script and the version changed since it was put in the library. There has to be a better way to automate this??

Can you please try deleting the one you imported and reimporting from the library? We updated the script recently so that it downloads the newest version of the applicable installer.

Nice! I’m glad you guys updated it and now the other live countries can download theirs too. Only one thing to note, I like checking for the registration token and failing if it’s blank. I know some software will just leave the exe running and won’t ever complete if the token is missing. PS I use customer custom fields for registration tokens, so this becomes even more important.

This at the top so it fails right away if the token is blank

if ($RegistrationToken -eq ""){
        write-host "No Registration Token Detected"
        Exit 1