Accidentally merged wrong direction - Now can't get installer file to run to add back

So, I swapped out an SSD in a laptop, had to do a full reinstall. Installed Syncro and then accidentally merged the new asset into the old one (so the new asset self-uninstalled). Thing is, I still see the program in Control Panel and I cannot get the installer to re-run now to add the machine back. Any ideas?

Uninstaller at the bottom of the page.

Uninstaller runs and completes but does not remove the program from the program list and trying to re-run installer after reboot does not properly complete. Next idea?

Sounds like it’s not completing fully. Never had an issue reinstalling after running it. If you go through the bat file, towards the end, it removes directories and registry keys, double check that those are gone.

Try manually removing Syncro services and files via the command line.

sc stop syncro
sc stop syncrolive
sc stop syncroovermind
sc delete syncro
sc delete syncrolive
sc delete syncroovermind
rmdir “c:\program files\repairtech” /s /q

Solution was found. I wish I’d tagged it, but it was an old facebook post with a manual script from Isaac Good that did it. Worked perfectly.