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The Tickets Dashboard is a great place to get a quick overview of your tickets. You can even cast it to a company monitor so that everyone in your office can view it. Are you looking to get an idea of how to create a new Ticket or how our Ticket Module works? Go here!

Ticket settings
With Syncros Ticket Settings you can control settings such as enabling due dates, allowing ticket assignments and much more.

Ticket worksheets
Ticket Worksheets are a great way for you to create a predetermined checklist that you’d like your techs to go through when working a Ticket. For example, you can make a Worksheet specifically for tickets created for hardware diagnostics that requires whoever is working the Ticket to complete the Worksheet before the Ticket can be resolved.

Recurring tickets
Would you like to set a specific Ticket to be made every week, month or annually? You can do that with Recurring Tickets! This is a great way to automate Ticket creation for routine maintenance.

Ticket timers
Enabling our Ticket Timer is a great way for you to keep track of time worked on Tickets and how much labor time you need to charge for. Learn how to enable the Ticket Time Tracking Module here.

Ticket automation
Ticket Automations are used to create rules and conditions for Tickets, then perform a certain action for those Tickets that meet the criteria.

Ticket Types and Statuses
We do plan to expand our Ticket article to include more information about Ticket Types and Statuses. For now, please look at our Ticket Settings article to learn more about Ticket Types and Statuses.

Different ways to create tickets
Coming soon! Looking for information on how to create a new Ticket? Please look here.

Ticket communications
We are currently working on upgrading our article on what Ticket communications look like, you can find it [here]( What emails does Syncro send out and when?).

Intake/Outtake form
The Intake and Outtake forms are a great way to give your customer the opportunity to review work to be done, work completed and have them agree to your terms & conditions.

SLAs & Contracts

Syncro has a robust Contracts Manager where you can store your agreements with customers such as specific labor pricing, guaranteed turnaround time, or monthly service charges such as antivirus subscriptions.

Leads, Mailboxes, & SMTP

Leads, Lead Settings, and Mailboxes
The Leads Module is how Syncro handles and organizing incoming light-weight requests for contact. These are emails that are sent to you from Customers that you can review and then convert into a Ticket. For more information regarding the various Leads settings, please go here. I would also recommend taking a look at our Mailbox Module since Leads can tie in heavily depending on the Email Rules you create.

The BYO SMTP feature will give you more control over your outgoing email by giving you the ability to use your own SMTP server to deliver outgoing Syncro email.