About the Known Issues category

Syncro’s ongoing mission is to make life better for MSPs. Communication and transparency are vital for helping you run the most efficient MSP possible.

Syncro is introducing this Known Issue Board to openly share details about specific defects that we are either tracking, investigating, fixing, or working on and to allow our partners visibility into more behind-the-scenes topics that are top of mind.

This Known Issue Board project is in its early stages of development. While we are under development, we appreciate everyone’s understanding that not all defects will be instantly posted. It will take us time to establish a good triage rhythm and process. We will be continuing to add specific items to this board along with workflow enhancement and engagement opportunities utilizing this board as we move into the 2023 Calendar year. Our goal is to improve proactive communication and engagement within the Syncro Community providing more awareness and knowledge to our partners of our top priority items.

How this Known Issue Board will work:

  • Each specific defect will receive its own post by the Syncro Team.
  • As a Partner you have the opportunity to do the following:
    • Add a emoji to the post to indicate you are impacted by this known issue.
      • Note: By adding this emoji here, you will no longer need to open a Support Incident Case. Syncro will be tracking both Support Cases and Impact numbers on the KIB.
    • Add a emoji to indicate if you would like to volunteer your environment if the opportunity comes for EA, beta testing, or QA workarounds.
    • You can Follow the Known Issue Post to receive up to date notifications and alerts to any changes made to the post. Do this by upgrading your Notification Status on the specific post of interest to WATCHING.

  • Add a comment: The only comments for the KIB should be for providing found workarounds or if you found additional items specific to the reported issue.
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