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Knowledge base resources

Invoices and Estimates

Below you will find some great resources on how to start sending out Invoices and Estimates. If you are wanting to learn about how our Invoice system works, go here

While we do have a great article that goes through the basics of how our Invoicing system works here, we also have an article that goes fairly in-depth into our Invoices Module.

Invoice settings
Looking to learn how to configure our Invoice Module? Please go here.

Recurring Invoices
Dive into Recurring Invoices to learn how to configure your Recurring Invoices so you and your clients can enjoy a predictable and consistent billing process.

Our Estimates Module allows you to generate Estimates/Quotes and email them to your customers for review.

Estimates settings
Check out this article for information regarding the various settings we have for Estimates.

Prepay hours (block hours)
Syncro allows you to set up Prepay Hours so you can sell blocks of service hours to be applied to an invoice at a later date. They can even be added to SLAs and Contracts.

Products and Services (Inventory)

[Products and Services]( Products & Services (Inventory) - Start Here) is the module we place all well, Products and Services in. It’s both a primary tab on the site navigation, and an overarching concept that includes Purchasing, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Stock Take, and lots more.

Parts vs Inventory
Learn how parts and inventory differ in Syncro and how we handle each here.

Purchase Orders
If you are an MSP that orders parts or inventory for their clients, you’re going to encounter the need for Purchase Orders. Learn how to set-up your vendor and the associated parts. Then learn how to create and receive purchase orders in Syncro.

Parts Orders
A full guide on how our Parts Orders module works is being made. If you are looking for information regarding Parts Settings, go here.

Store Credit and Customer Credit
Looking for information on how to handle refunds, over payments and store credits? Take a look at our overview of Store Credit and Customer Credit.

Syncro offers the ability to combine multiple items from your Products & Services into what we call a Bundle. This can especially be useful for custom builds where you want to track inventory but don’t want to show the details of what’s included in a line item to a customer.

Customer Purchases
Our Customer Purchases module allows you to buy devices from Customers, and then track the Item’s status if any refurbishing is needed before adding it to your Inventory as a ready-to-sell Item.

Our Refurbs module is great if you buy older parts or computers to refurbish and resell to your customers.


PDF and Email Templates
Looking to customize PDFs and emails within Syncro? Go here for a step-by-step guide on how to use template tags and html to customize Templates.