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Knowlegebase Resources

Customers Module

In the Customer Module, you can view everything related to your customers from a basic overview to what Contracts you have assigned to that Customer. We have a great overview of the Customer Module here along with an in-depth video that takes you through the various parts within this module.

Contacts are great to use when you have multiple people that will send in tickets or have communication with your business that are all a part of the same Customer(business). You can assign Contacts to specific locations and assets within a Customer. Read more about Contacts here.

Adding multiple locations to your Customers
When adding or editing a customer, just click the + Add Another Site/Address button to add additional locations. Make sure to click Save Changes when finished.

Customer Portal

In Syncro, your Customers (referred to as Portal Users) can have what we call a Customer Portal. This is where your Customer can view their current Tickets, Invoices and pay their bill if you are using one of our integrated payment processors. Each Customer can have multiple Portal Users and each Portal User can have different view permissions. This is useful in cases where your Customer has multiple Contacts but not all need full view of invoicing or such. You can read more about how to set up these permissions here.