Ability to quickly find an online and idle asset for customer

On a somewhat regular basis I need to test something out at a customer site and cannot use the background tools to accomplish what I need to test. In this case I need to find a syncro asset within a particular customer that is both online and idle. Our previous remote software would allow us to scan down a list of assets in the customer and see at a glance which were online and whether they are active or their idle time.

Apologies if such a feature already exists and I just haven’t found it in the documentation.

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We do show online but we don’t show idle time, so that wouldn’t be possible here.

Phew… glad I didn’t miss the place to find it then. It is indeed a feature request then.

Wish we had that too. Work around for now @nathan8 . Open the asset record and you should see screenshot of the device and you can tell from that.

Ya, that is what we are doing right now but it is not very efficient for finding the 2 idle computers out of 25 in the customer as an example.

It would be nice to have a variation of the Green dot that currently shows the asset as being online. Maybe half green and half orange? …merely a random pick of orange.
Could be anything really to show that a PC is idle compared to in use.

This would be very handy.