Ability to pause invoices in bulk

Currently I have to edit each invoice template, and pause it, individually. Then I have to go back and edit, and unpause each one, individually. This is difficult and time consuming for over 200 invoice templates.

Desperately need a way to bulk pause invoice templates.

What’s the reason for pausing and unpausing recurring templates?

The nature of the way invoicing works, and the sync to quickbooks, requires that I run a majority of the invoices manually. Invoices cannot be run manually if paused.

The nature of invoicing is discussed in many other threads.

Well I know the nature of invoicing… the reason I ask is because I don’t have to run my invoices manually, defeats the purpose of setting up recurring templates. I set the schedule and they run. I sync to QBO as well. Never had to pause a template for anything, so I was asking why you would need to do so for 200+ templates each month.

The reason pause is needed, is so it can be run manually (either temporarily or permanently). The invoicing problems have been discussed in many other threads. If you have not encountered the issues or needs that I and others have, consider yourself lucky.

That said, there are many reasons someone may need to pause automated recurring templates, and anything that is automated must have a mechanism for pausing, period. Imagine if there were a bug or user error that caused a problem with invoices, and all clients got bad/incorrect invoices. Then imagine if most of those clients were setup with auto-pay.

Automation pause is a must, end of story.

Nope, no issues here, my templates, invoices, and sync to QBO works and haven’t seen any FB or threads here that suggest there’s a global issue that require this amount of work when it should be automated. I was trying to understand your problem, but you’re not really explaining what the issue is and how this solves it, which Syncro likes to know as well, so good luck on your request.

Cool story.

This is a feature request, not a problem report.