Ability to Merge Multiple Tickets at Once

I would like the ability to select and merge more than one ticket.

Often we can have an outage or something similar where we get multiple tickets on the same issue, and create a master ticket for tracking. Right now if you multi-select via the checkboxes on the ticket page the “bulk actions” does not allow you to merge them all.

We have to go into each ticket and merge it with the master 1x1 which is super time consuming.


Requested many times. Adding another +1.

We need this as well +1

Please add this feature

why do we have a feature request section? if it is not looked at by the developers or done? Last year we were getting updates monthly sometimes more than once a month. and all our requests were addressed. Not it seems that success has brought the same issues I have experienced with other products I have used in the past.


bump - would be a way to merge into single entry for invoicing. Mine is still a nightmare of labor

Yes, this is needed!

Yes please, +1 from me.

I don’t understand how a product that directly competes with Connectwise, AutoTask, and other MSP PSA solutions cannot support basic features like Bulk Merge and Bulk Assigning of Customers to tickets.

These are rudimentary features sets that are essential to efficient helpdesk management, especially if you have a lot of clients or many automated notifications to manage. This is a major setback for Syncro and is causing me not to be able to scale. If you cannot prioritize developing these kinds of features, I’m going to be forced to move away from Syncro, as my service desk team is increasingly having to spend more and more time organizing and administrating tickets one at a time. Whereas a couple simple bulk features would cut hours down to minutes.

If there is a work around for this, please let me know as this is cutting into my teams efficiency.

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+1 This would be super beneficial for us.

+1 A much needed feature