Ability to edit ticket communications

The clutter when trying to read some older tickets is infuriating. There are often client replies with tons of garbage in them, signatures and other things irrelevant. When going through the ticket to figure out what it said, it takes way too long.

I would like to be able to edit the communications postings in tickets and clean up the garbage on them when needed.

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I would definitely downvote this. Comments should be a history and history should always be immutable for auditing purposes. Also, how would you handle the fact the some comments types are already sent out via email for example?

If implemented, please give us an admin option to allow or disallow editing.

You can already delete the entire bit of the message so your audit trail is lost anyway. Other applications let you do this like connectwise. Do you like going through your emails and having to scroll through signatures that are often 10 times larger than the actual message that is important?

This can certainly have an option to allow only certain users to edit them.

Wouldn’t it be cool to create some sort of parser that removes the majority of an e-mail footer?? I’m not sure how, but it would be helpful.

I have thought about that for some time. Having users manage emails in the portal does eliminate that issue but it is inconvenient and users don’t tend to like to use it. Maybe if there was a simpler way for them to use and access it.

For many of our clients who have global signature policies, we put in exceptions for our domain to eliminate them.

I have not found any reliable way to remove signatures and disclaimers.

I like the idea that admins could allow or block editing.

Really what I’d like to see is the ability to edit the original problem description. We get a lot of alert emails that get sent in as tickets and I’d like to be able to clean those descriptions up since that is visible to the contact.

I prefer immutability. Audit trails are important. Let’s compromise on having the ability to hide text with a rollup or highlighting.

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Jeff, You can design it to have both editing and an audit trail of the original. If the feature has an admin switch or security permission, you can have your way and I can have mine.

The productivity loss from the myriad of garbage in the tickets is significant.