A way to back up (or at least export) Documentation pages

We would like to make further use of the documentation in Syncro, but don’t seem to have a way to back up (or even export) these pages. At least, not without resorting to APIs.

Ideally, we could export the pages as HTML (since they are already in HTML), and back up the credentials section in some form of secure vault (compatible with what Syncro already uses, or some standard that i’m not aware of), encrypt the lot, and export it to something like FTP server or Dropbox/OneDrive, or something like that.

I just get a bit nervous with documentation, and I want to have a copy for ourselves to rely on should the worst happen. We always tell our clients how important backups are, so we should be able to practice what we preach :slight_smile:

Yes agreed. WE’ve requested this too. Really is a big need. Really we need to be able to export all credentials too. IT Glue and other credential managers can all do this. Clearly is should require special permissions, MFA etc, but big need for both credentials and documentation.