3rd Party Patch Management FAQ

3rd Party Patch Management is a way for you to automatically install software to an Asset that isn’t included in Syncro’s Patch Policy.

“I have a specific software I want to install to an Asset, is it supported?”
Any software not already listed would be provided through Chocolatey when you click the ‘Add Application’ button on the Policy. To see if that software can be uninstalled via chocolatey, check this list: Chocolatey Software | Packages

“I see my software listed on Chocolatey, but it’s not coming up when I click the Add Application button in Syncro?”
Try slightly different search words, it should list by its friendly name.

“My software isn’t in Chocolatey, is there any other way we can do this?”
Yes! The final option would be to create a PowerShell script that installs the software of your choice and add it through the Scripts module in Syncro.