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I have synced our 365 calendar with Syncro. When I create an appointment in Syncro & send an email invite, Outlook is ALSO then sending an invite so the client is getting duplicates. We did not have this problem when we were syncing our google calendar, just 365. Has anyone figured out how to solve this?

Is it also duplicating the calendar entries or is it just the email invites?
Is it linked to just one user with one calendar, or do they have multiple?
Is two-way sync enabled?

I don’t see many cases where this has happened so it might take a little digging, if it persists and the answer to the last two questions is yes, go ahead and contact us at help@syncromsp.com

Calendar entries are not duplicated, just the invites. Only one calendar, two-way sync is enabled.

I’m having a similar issue. One Calendar, Two Way Sync.

When creating an appointment, client gets in email from helpdesk@ with the proper template and formatting, and another one from the assigned tech’s email account that includes includes an O365 appointment that you can RSVP or not.

I feel like this can all be condensed into a single email to the client, otherwise it’s going to continue to be confusing.

Anyone know of any good options here?

Hi Randy. As it’s a double notification, this is ultimately a bug- we have an active development case on it. I will start a ticket for you and get you linked in for updates. We have your ticket added as well Kevin, thanks for writing in!

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Awesome. I’ve been looking around everywhere trying to find the option to disable it in Syncro. Thank you!

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One more quick Q regarding this. My tech also gets an identical copy of “appointment scheduled” email that was sent to the client. Is there anyway to disable that email since it already sync’s to his/her calendar anyways?

There isn’t a way to fully disable the emails going out to the tech. Though there are some notification settings for appointments under Admin > Notification Center. You can set up an email rule in the inbox to filter those emails out if the tech doesn’t need them and I will get a feature request started for you.

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Thanks Alexandra!


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