2FA for Syncro and Splashtop Combined?

We have 2FA to log into Syncro, and that works great.
Does the same 2fa cover the login for Splashtop? We had a scenario where a client thought they had been hacked and only Syncro with Splashtop was on the PC. Is it possible to connect to any of the pcs we have under management through Splashtop without a 2FA verification?

Hi @pete1,

Discussed this with the team and with Splashtop native you’d have to 2FA into Syncro in order to initiate a connection. On the end-user side, we require 2FA into the portal if they have remote access enabled. The platform is designed so there isn’t a way to initiate a connection without being 2FA’d into Syncro.

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There’s no Splashtop for RMM console (or login), so everything has to be initiated from within Syncro. It goes through a handshake process, with a token exchange between Syncro and Splashtop in order to start the connection.

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