1 Script/ 1 Ticket - Multiple assets

Hey Brainstrust,

we are currently trying to get a working model for Automated Scripting, Where all of the Assets for a client add their time for that script automatically to a single ticket created at the start. Eg Scanning all assets for Log4J or Weekly Maintenace.

Currently our thinking is these following two options, but both rely on manual intervention curious to know what other peoples thoughts are.

  1. Recurring ticket that has the assets then auto remediating the assets before manually running a time entry script (may as well just use the Comment field)

  2. add the ticket, assign assets to the ticket and run the script manually and have a ticket number variable that you enter on run to add the time. Manually closing ticket.

Ideally we want to have the ticket auto generated for a clients policy, script run against the policy with time being added automatically for that action (eg weekly maintenace) have a single ticket for all of the assets rather than 50 new tickets for each individual Asset.

Has anyone else achieved something similar?