1-click update for Custom Asset Fields

My request is to have a refresh button next to each custom asset field and dynamically update when the script is done. This is tied to a specific script that is set in the admin section for custom fields. This will save a few clicks and some time by not needing to go to the scripts tab, running the script, and then refresh the page for results.

So your effectively saying you want a way to tie an “update script” to a custom filed so you could schedule the script run from a button on the custom filed?

@jordanritz Not a new script. We already have scripts that update the custom fields. I want a button next to the field, you click, it runs the script tied to the field, and then updates the field. No confirmation box, no searching for the script, just click, it runs and updates.

Ok that’s what I thought you were saying. you just want a button next to the custom field that would be a “run once” for a script (that you already have) that you would somehow associate with that field.

I could see that opening up new opportunities in scripting where right now there is just not much point in creating the extra custom field because it only is useful if its always up to date.

I have a script for idle time, so I use this field/script often when needing to jump on a computer. I also have a custom field for drive space, so I could link that to a clean script if I wanted to run a quick one-off. Several other cases, but these came to mind.

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